CTFBD Profile

About Children's Television Foundation of Bangladesh (ctfb)

Children’s Television Foundation of Bangladesh (CTFB) is an outcome of the united effort of a group of TV personalities who started their career at adolescent age in different TV channels of the country. Their experience and real feeling about the importance of children’s voice in media made them committed to support children to “let them speak in media”. Therefore it demands a common TV platform that can help to create such opportunity to build their capacity and speak out of their issues and interests.

CTFBD Started

CTFB emerged as an organization in 2005, which has been evolving to turn as an institution to support disadvantaged children to get them organized under this platform, build their capacity and confidence, and present their voice to the nation through electronic media.

Organizational Details

Envisages an environment that constantly provides child friendly information to young audience to enable them contribute meaningfully to the benefit of themselves, their families, their communities, the nation and the world.

  • Name Of NGO Children's Televesion Foundation Bangladesh
  • Anonym It any CTFB
  • Date Of Establishment 28 July, 2005
  • Address Police Plaza Concord, Tower-1 (5th Floor),Plot-02,
  •   Road- 144, Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • Contact Person A H M Fahmidul Islam Shantonu
  • Mobile +880 1711596426
  • Contact Person E-mail shantonu@ctfbd.tv
  • Web www.ctfbd.tv

Vision of CTFB

CTFB envisions a society, in which children irrespective of religion, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic strata are in the centre of free and reciprocal information flow, enjoy freedom of opinion and expression and participate in media.

Mission of CTFB

The mission is to establish a common media platform, which enables children to raise their voice on their rights and interests. It will empower children to gain enduring living skills and knowledge through value-based entertainment and developmental television programming.

Goal of CTFB

The goal of this organization is to empower children to have access in media for knowledge and participate in media communication.


Mass media especially TV has become a powerful media for expression of thought and mass awareness. A TV programme produced by children (age: 0-18) for children issues will generate interest among the children regarding their issues and also TV programme will generate awareness among the parents and policy makers of the country regarding child issues and rights.

Business Philosophies

The business philosophies are not oriented towards loss and profit rather train and make them a perfect citizen to become a future leader in media communication. Sooner availability of fund is ensured, it will establish the following:

  1. Animation Studio
  2. Production House
  3. Full-fledged children television channel
  4. Daily newspaper for the children
  5. School Radio (On-line radio, Community Radio, and FM Radio)
  6. Children News Agency
  7. Youth Media Network
  8. Media Institute
  9. Children and Youth Rights Movement
  10. We translate
  11. Research Academy for child & youth rights and development Network
  12. Social Entrepreneurship